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Second District Online Menu

Beer (updated 3/27/23)

*HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM Monday-Friday, $2 off all DRAFT pints*


Bancroft Beer  |  2.5 / 4 / 6 

Our daily drinker, named after the street our humble brewery rests on. Brewed with 2-row and Maris Otter malt. Singularly hopped with Mosaic. Punch notes of Satsuma orange rind, lychee flesh, and fresh blueberry muffin, with a clean and crisp finish. 4.20% abv

Pětite Pils  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

Pětite Pils is a riff on our standard Keller pils. This Northern German leaning small wünder was brewed with all continental pilsner malt and ample additions of Hallertauer Mittlefrüher and Select in the kettle. Brimming with light crackery malt, classic herbal spice, and waves of green tea, tall grass, and lemon verbena under rocky clouds of foam. Fermented low and slow with everyone’s favorite lager yeast. Crisp and clean! 3.8% abv

Mutual Dream  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

Brewed in collaboration with our good friends from Hidden River Brewing in Douglassville, PA. We decided to whip up a classic West Coast IPA brewed with 2-row, Victory, and a dash of caramunich malt for nice toasty base with a bit of deeper color to it. Hopped it in the kettle with good ol’ Columbus and Amarillo, and fermented with the almighty Chico yeast before being dry hopped with more Columbus and Simcoe. Notes of fresh biscuits, stinky pine, mellow grapefruit, with a pleasant bitter finish that really brings ya back. 7.2% abv


Frontside Tailslide  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

West Coasty Amarillo Pale Ale brewed with domestic 2-row and a little bit of pilsner malt. Estate grown Cascade from our Northern PA farm in the mash, Amarillo in the boil, and dash of Citra in the whirlpool. Dry hopped not too little nor too much with Amarillo. We’re lovin’ the throwback profile of this one with light grass and citrus, nuanced layers of pine resin, and that feeling of time traveling back to a bygone era of deliciously drinkable American ales. 5.2% abv

Fell Stinger  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

Modern IPA brewed with domestic 2-row and white wheat malts and fermented with our punchy house yeast strain. Hopped abundantly with Cashmere, Citra, and Nelson Sauvin. A cornucopia of yellow tropical fruits up front followed by a profound resinous citrus layer underneath with a creamy smooth finish. 6.8% abv

Cave Aged Friends & Family 2019  |  wine glass 6

Our English-Style Barleywine conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans. Aged in the Brew Farm beer cave since 2019. Clean caramel and booze, hints of birch syrup and candy root beer barrels with a finish on the drier side. 9.2% abv 

Big Bancroft Beer  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

We brought this one back for the Sixth Anniversary! Everything that goes into our beloved Bancroft Beer, but more. Mosaic Imperial Pale Ale brewed with 2-row and Marris Otter, and hopped solely with Mosaic. Big blueberry muffins, lightly toasted bread, and lots of citrus. 7.10% abv


Chadwick  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

OG Philly-style Porter brewed with a special blend of roasty malts over layers of 2-row, Munich, Vienna, and Maris Otter. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and fermented with our house ale strain. Rich notes of toffee, bittersweet chocolate covered espresso beans, and that classic English Earl Grey tea finish. 6% abv


Extra Huy  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

After a long hiatus, it’s back! And with a little extra kick. Our Vietnamese Coffee Stout brewed with boat loads of roasty toasty malts, lactose for that creamy condensed milk sweetness, and the same coffee as your favorite Pho joint. As we are want to do, we like to mix it up sometimes and this batch features an amped up malt profile with a little extra booze coming in at 7%. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, freshly ground dark roast, a hint of woody smoke, with a silky smooth finish. NITRO! *contains dairy

Dark Matter Indicator  |  3 / 4.5 / 7

Smoked Porter brewed with German beechwood smoked malt, along with a handful of specialty dark malts. Lean and clean with notes of backyard BBQ’s, blazing bonfires on the beach, and faint whisps of bittersweet cacao. 4.8% abv

SIX (750mL bottle)  |  22

Sixth Anniversary blend of three barrels of Saison Ambre brewed in late 2020 from a simple base of German Pilsner malt with a dash of English chocolate malt. Hopped intently with aged Old World varietals. Fermented with our RAF mixed culture and aged in stainless for 9 months before being transferred over to oak wine barrels which previously held our PA Framboise, and then aged for another 18 months. The resulting blend is deep and complex, an almost gueuze-like aroma filled with persimmon and over ripe stone fruit. The flavor follows suite with layers of Autumnal petrichor and damp forest floor, antique wooden spice cubbards, tart cherries and apricots, followed up by a classic clean 2D minerality in the finish. 6.5% abv. We’re really excited to share this year’s blend with you!

Big Hill Standard Cider  |  5 / 7

Beautiful, straightforward cider from our friends in Central PA. 5.5%abv

Lil’ Buddy  |  5

Our version of the “Citywide” – a 10oz Bancroft with a shot of bourbon




*750ml Bottles*

SIX – Anniversary barrel blend  | 22





Choose One:

Smash Burger

Impossible Smash Burger v+

Chicken Deluxe

Crispy Chicken

Buffalo Cauliflower v+


**HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM Monday-Friday, special HAPPY HOUR menu**

vt = vegetarian           v+ = can be vegan


two hands

***SOLD OUT***SPECIAL – Grilled Chicken Shorti  |  14

Marinated grilled chicken breast, walnut pesto, arugula mesclun, provolone and pecorino, pickled jalapeños on a shorti roll

***SOLD OUT***SPECIAL – Crispy Tofu Shorti  |  12

Crispy panko crusted tofu, zucchini pickles, Gochujang aioli, herb mix, on a shorti roll

 Remember Maoz? v+  |  12

Fresh falafel, hummus, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, white sauce, zhoug, pita

Shawarma the Century  |  13

Spiced chicken, hummus, lettuce, cucumber, red onion, white sauce, zhoug, pita

Smash Burger |  8

Single patty*, American cheese, shredded lettuce, minced onions, special sauce, pickles, seeded potato roll

make it a double |  14   make it a triple! |  18

Impossible Smash Burger v+ |  10

Impossible patty*, vegan American, shredded lettuce, minced onions, special sauce, pickles, kaiser roll

make it a double |  16

Chicken Deluxe  |  9

Fried chicken thigh, smash set-up: American cheese, shredded lettuce, minced onions, special sauce, pickles, on a seeded potato roll



Nacho Fries  |  12

Curly fries, Bancroft gouda beer cheese, refried beans, house pickled jalapeños, white sauce, salsa rojo

Crispy Chicken  |  12

Hand breaded chicken strips. Choice of house hot sauce, Baharat honey, or ranch

Buffalo Cauliflower v+  |  13

Choice of house made ranch v+ or regular ranch

Big Fat Greek Salad v  |  12

Spring mix, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion, garbanzos, lemon vinaigrette 

Hidden Hills Dairy Old Gold (Everett, PA)  |  10

Raw cow milk cheese, based on a recipe for an Italian style cheese made in the summer in the plateau region of the Dolomites. This is adapted to their wintertime whole milk in the rolling foothills of the Alleghenies. 

Served with onion jam, spiced walnuts, and assorted crackers.

Hot Dog 

Nathan’s All Beef | 6

Fieldroast Vegan | 7 v+

Relish, onions, mustard, Liscio’s hot dog roll

Side Salad  |  6

Spring mix, red onion, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette 

Curly Fries |  7

Choice of Fry Sauce v+, vegan ranch v+, ranch, or ketchup

Add a cup of beer cheese sauce + $3



Flourless Chocolate Terrine |  8

Served with a blood orange syrup, mascarpone cream, candied walnuts, and orange zest
 Lemonade Crème Brûlée v+ |  9
served with lady fingers

Draft Wine / Cocktails

2020 Galen Glen Gruner Veltliner  |  10
2021 Galen Glen Rosé  |  10

2020 Galen Glen Chambourcin  |  11

Negronis on tap! |  10


Top Dog canned cocktailsLocally produced, each can contains 2 proper drinks when poured over ice 

Whiskey Lemonade – as it sounds

Greyhound – vodka, grapefruit, with a touch of elderflower and rosemary 

Blood Orange Margarita – boom


Hand crafted rum, from right down McKean Street

PHILLY PEPPER – cinnamon/pepper spiced rum

PLUM RUM –  classic white rum infused with fresh plums


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