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(updated 09/22/23)

Bancroft Beer

Our daily drinker, named after the street our humble brewery rests on. Brewed with 2-row and Maris Otter malt. Singularly hopped with Mosaic. Punchy notes of Satsuma orange rind, lychee flesh, and fresh blueberry muffin with a clean and crisp finish. 4.20% abv
Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go

Bancroft X

An experimental batch of Bancroft Beer, fermented much warmer than usual with our house ale yeast. This change results in much higher ester production, which contributes unique tropical fruit notes not typically found in standard Bancroft Beer. Let us know what you think!
Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go

2000 Seasons

Lil’ wheat IPA hopped solely with Nelson Sauvin. In further exploration of the limits we can push with our house ale yeast, we fermented this one at the highest temperature of it’s suggested range (quite warm at 77F) in order to coax out more expressive esters. Once fermentation was complete, dried chamomile flowers from our friends at Penn Herb Company were added along with the dry hop. The result is a delightfully tropical treat for these Philly summer days  packed with flavors of mini pineapples, coconut flesh, squishy nectarines, some new weed strain, and wafts of Garam Masala spices. Perfect sippy strength at 4.1% abv. Close your eyes and bask in the Bancroft Street Oasis
Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go

Pětite Pils

Pětite Pils is a riff on our standard keller pils, Pět Pils. This Northern German leaning lil wünder was brewed with all continental pilsner malt and generous additions of Hallertauer Mittlefrüher and Tettnanger in the kettle. Brimming with light crackery malt, classic herbal spice, and waves of green tea, tall grass, and lemon verbena under rocky clouds of foam. Fermented low and slow with everyone’s favorite lager yeast. Crisp and clean. 3.8% abv

Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go
Mosaic Chief
Mosaic Chief – Baby West Coast IPA brewed in collaboration with our friends from Yakima Chief Hops, the biggest hop supplier out of the Pacific Northwest. This IPA features a new product in development designed to provide concentrated flavor and aroma in hop forward beers. We chose to showcase Mosaic, our favorite hoppy hop here at 2D that plays really well with our hard water profile. We built a multi grain base of malted barely, wheat, and oats, and then added a shit ton of Trial 702 Mosaic in the whirlpool. Once fermentation with our house ale yeast was complete, we then dry hopped it with 3+ lbs/bbl of more Mosaic. An absolute Mosaic bomb! Intense weedy aroma with a clean, dry, malt profile and then a very floral Mosaic experience in the flavor followed by more dank piney notes. We’re pleasantly enjoying the slightly different Mosaic profile brought out by the Trial 702. 4.8% abv

Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go


Sixth Anniversary blend of three barrels of Saison Ambre brewed in late 2020 from a simple base of German Pilsner malt with a dash of English chocolate malt. Hopped intently with aged Old World varietals. Fermented with our RAF mixed culture and aged in stainless for 9 months before being transferred over to oak wine barrels which previously held our PA Framboise, and then aged for another 18 months. The resulting blend is deep and complex, an almost gueuze-like aroma filled with persimmon and over ripe stone fruit. The flavor follows suite with layers of Autumnal petrichor and damp forest floor, antique wooden spice cubbards, tart cherries and apricots, followed up by a classic clean 2D minerality in the finish. 6.5% abv. We’re really excited to share this year’s blend with you!
750ml bottles in-house or to go


The return of Festbier! Our take on the local treat enjoyed during Oktoberfest in Munich. Brewed with pilsner and a bit of Vienna this year along with Hallertauer Mittlefrüher in the kettle. Fermented slow and cold with our house lager yeast and stored cold for two moons.  Bready loaves drizzled with wildflower honey, soft pretzel, with a dry spicy finish. Here’s to cooler days. Prost! 5% abv
Available on draft and 32 oz crowlers to go

Big Skipper

Our First TIPA! Table IPA, brewed with 100% northwestern 2-row and a dash of cane sugar. Fermented extra warm with our house yeast for a more expressive profile. Hopped generously with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic. Juicy grapefruit sprtizer, hints of mango, lightly dank, and incredibly refreshing in this sticky Philly summer heat. It’s a real treat. 2.6% abv
Available on draft and 32 oz crowlers to go

Tractor Beer

Hoppy American Pale Lager brewed exclusively for the Second District Brew Farm. Built off of domestic Pilsner and Vienna malts. Brightly golden hued with a light toasty malt profile and a snappy bite in the finish contributed by Amarillo and Tettnang hops. Perfect for that late Summer afternoon tractor ride. 5% abv.
Available in 16oz 4-packs and single cans for in-house

The Glass is Always Greener

This lovely little grisette is brewed from a simple base of European pilsner malt and a little white wheat, with a blend of aged and fresh old world hop varietals. It then gets fermented with our favorite saison monoculture in one of our mixed fermentation tanks before being dry hopped with East Kent Goldings. Conditioned properly in the bottle to 3 volumes of c02.

TGIAG is our ode to the classic green glass Saisons of Belgium. It begins with a delicate floral malt base followed by layers of jasmine blossom, green tea, and lemon balm before a bone dry prickly mineral finish. It is dangerously quaffable. 5% abv

750ml bottles in-house or to go

Pět Pils
Pět, meaning “five” in Czech, honors the first batch of Pilsner ever brewed by Josef Groll on October 5th, 1842 which gave way to what has become the most popular and highly engineered beer style in the world. Czech Saaz hops and true Czech pilsner malt come together to make this unabashed, unfiltered, rustic Bohemian Pils. Lagered for many moons, this pils is filled with classic lightly bready malt notes under layers of herbal tea, spice, and a hint of Meyer lemon zest. 5% abv

Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go

Our OG Philly style porter brewed with a special blend of roasty malts over layers of 2-row, Munich, Vienna, and Maris Otter. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and fermented with our house ale strain. Rich notes of toffee, bitter sweet chocolate covered espresso beans, and that classic English Earl Grey tea finish. 6% abv.

Available on draft and in 32 oz crowlers to go

About Our Brewer

Ben Potts has been brewing in the Philadelphia region for over 15 years, working with some of the areas most well known breweries. With a background focused heavily on experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what we know as ‘beer’, Ben has done it all - from working with exotic fruits and spices, barrel aging, mixed fermentation techniques, to some of the most unconventional brewing ingredients possible. With that in mind, Ben brings all of his experience to Second District, creating both off-the-wall flavors and classically inspired styles, along with everything in between.

“When the former owner of Nodding Head teams up with a former Dogfish Head brewer, you get some really fantastic beer. Most of it is in classic, non-crazy styles, but with slight variations that make them interesting — this is a brewpub, so all batches are small.” –BillyPenn

“Head brewer Ben Potts’ seasoned background features three local mainstays in Dock Street, Dogfish Head and Tired Hands, so rest assured the beer will be great. The taplist features a diverse blend of mostly sessionable, straightforward and good, honest beers that everyone is sure to enjoy” –Breweries In PA

Amazing atmosphere and really good vegan food and non-vegan as well. I tried two different kinds of craft beer and I was very impressed. The staff was very friendly and even though the place was crowded the service was awesome. I am definitely coming back very soon to this hidden gem in South Philly.” -Google Review


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