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Our daily drinker, named after the street our humble brewery rests on. Brewed with Pilsner and Maris Otter malt. Singularly hopped with Mosaic. Punchy notes of Satsuma orange rind, lychee flesh, and fresh blueberry muffin with a clean and crisp finish. 4.2% ABV

Golden Mild brewed entirely with the renowned Scottish Spring barley malt and it’s namesake, Golden Promise. All East Kent Goldings in the kettle, then fermented cool with our House ale yeast blend. Loads of fresh baked bread, cereal, and floral English countrysides. 4% ABV

Conceived to celebrate the wedding of our lil Juanny Boo Boo and his bride Natalie. Unfiltered Mexican Lager brewed with flaked corn from the American Midwest and sea salt, and then fermented with a clean lager yeast. Dosed lightly with distilled rosewater and served with lime. Notes of freshly milled grits, salted rims, and warm Summer nights. 4.5% ABV

Collaboration with our neighbors to the West, Brewery ARS. Farmhouse IPA brewed with 2-row and vienna malts. Hopped in the kettle with Mosaic and then fermented with a Nordic Kveik farmhouse yeast strain. Dry hopped heavily with Calypso and Idaho 7, and then conditioned on cardamom and juniper. Pungent notes of white sage brush, lemon balm, and funky orange rind. 4.5% ABV

IPA brewed with five different base malts. Hopped in the kettle with one of the OG’s, Cascade, and then fermented with our house ale yeast blend. Dry hopped aggressively with NZ Pacifica and Wakatu. Misty forest mornings with fresh fruit, bread direct from the hearth; a blend of tradition and modernity. 7.1% ABV

A simply constructed ale with a Pilsner malt base, a single variety of aged Old World hops, and our Rustic AF mixed fermentation culture. This batch spent three lunar cycles in stainless steel and was allowed to naturally carbonate over time. Ripe with notes of freshly pressed apricot and nectarine, followed by a crisp minerality with bright citric acidity. 5% ABV

IPA brewed with 2-row malted barley and oats. Simcoe in the kettle, heavy Citra and Wakatu dry hop. Notes of fresh cut Kush, citrus, and tropical fruit. 5.6% ABV

Barleywine conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans. Fermented with our house ale strain and then aged in stainless for 6 months. Notes of Bottled-in-Bond bourbon, sticky caramel, and candy Cream Soda barrels. 10% ABV

Brew 9


IPA brewed with American 2-row and British malted oats. Hopped in the kettle with Columbus oil and then one heaping dose of NZ Southern Cross in the whirlpool. Fermented with our house ale yeast blend and then dry hopped with additional Southern Cross and a bit of a new one for us, NZ Pacifica. Dry, crisp, and to the point; notes of fresh dough balls, white grape skins, and passionfruit. 5.2% ABV

Brew 10

[Ginger] Huy

Huy, our velvety rich Vietnamese Coffee Stout, brewed this time around with the addition of spicy Vietnamese Ginger and ‘Maternal Brown Sugar’; a blend of dark brown sugar with ginger, jujube, and goji berry (SUPER FOOD!!!!) powders. Roasty espresso on the nose with a spicy snap, bitter Peruvian cocoa and heavy drifts of summer air wafting from the open spice markets. 6% ABV

Brew 11

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