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Our daily drinker, named after the street our humble brewery rests on. Brewed with Pilsner and Maris Otter malt. Singularly hopped with Mosaic. Punchy notes of Satsuma orange rind, lychee flesh, and fresh blueberry muffin with a clean and crisp finish. 4.2% ABV

Brew 2


IPA brewed with malted wheat and rye. Blessed with Crystal and Mosaic hops in the kettle and again in the fermenter. Conditioned on freshly grated orange, lemon, and lime zest. Bright citrus pops with pungent fruity hops. 6.5% ABV

Brew 3


An English Style Dark Mild brewed with malted rye. Robust with notes of toffee, dehydrated apricot, and freshly ground Ethiopian coffee. Entwife harkens back to older times and a rich agricultural heritage that has always been closely tied to the brewing process. A highly quaffable ale for bellying up to the bar on cold winter evening. 3.4% ABV

Brew 4

Red AF

The second in our “RAF” series, RAF beers will always be fermented and aged in stainless steel with our RAF mixed culture blend. Strong Flemish style sour red ale. Brewed with a multitude of European specialty malts. Fermented and aged for a significant period of time in order to develop a complex tart profile, and then refermented on dark and beautiful Morello cherry puree. Dry, yet just a touch of sweetness to balance the acidity. Cherry fruit roll ups, musty wine cellars, and Lambrusco grape skins. 8.6% ABV

Brew 5


Oatmeal stout brewed with a rich blend of unctuous malts. Refermented with dark sour Morello cherry puree, and then aged on highly fragrant Madagascar “bourbon” vanilla beans and a dash of holiday spice. Notes of bittersweet chocolate, pipe tobacco, Mom’s cherry pie, Grandpappy’s ginger snaps. 6.3% ABV | NITRO

Brew 6


Strong golden ale based on Queimada, the fire drink of Galicia, Spain. Queimada is prepared from Orujo Gallego, a spirit distilled from fermented grape skins (similar to Grappa), sugar, coffee beans, lemon, and spices, and made for celebrations to ward off evil spirits. Conxuro was brewed with pilsner and aromatic malts, and then blended with fresh chardonnay juice during fermentation. Further conditioned on Ethiopian Guji coffee beans (roasted fresh by our friends and neighbors, Ultimo Coffee), freshly grated lemon zest, and a careful blend of spices. 10% ABV

Brew 7

Tidy Booth

Old World Porter brewed with brown malt. Deceptively drinkable dark and malty ale perfect for late Fall sipping. Notes of oaky tannin, bourbon vanilla, nutmeg, nutella, and leaves blowing in the crisp wind. 6.9% ABV

Multi-grain American Bitter brewed with four unique malts from Deer Creek Malting in Glen Mills, PA. PA Dutch barley, oat, buckwheat, and rye malts join together for a unique floral malt profile laying the ground for a heady kettle addition of all Citra Hops. Earthy, grassy, crisp, and chalk full of that Southeastern PA terroir. 6% ABV

4OZ / 8OZ / 16OZ Available
Pour Respectively.