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Brewed with Pilsner and Maris Otter malt. The people’s beer, named after the street our humble brewery rests on. Brewed with Pilsner and Maris Otter malt. Singularly hopped with Mosaic. Notes of straw and mellow citrus with a light refreshing bitterness. 4.2% ABV.

Brew 2


Vietnamese Coffee Stout brewed with the same stuff as your favorite Pho joint. Loads of lactose sugar mimics that characteristic sweetness typically added by condensed milk. Rich and roasty with intense notes of bitter cacao, espresso, and cappuccino jelly beans. 6% ABV

Japanese rice lager blended with exquisite Sudachi Juice. Kissed with saaz hops. Beautifully opalescent with delicate notes of freshly cracked black and green peppercorn and an ever so gentle acidic finish. 4.7% ABV.

IPA brewed with oats and Vithankande Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka, sourced from Premium Steap, a local business who has been bringing quality tea to the city of Philadelphia for the past 15 years. Hopped generously with Simcoe, Falconers Flight, Citra, and a dash of Saaz. Juicy notes of lemon peel, mango, kumquat, and chamomile. 6.5% ABV

Golden Mild. Brewed entirely with delightful Golden Promise malt. Notes of honey drenched toast, Tetley’s iced tea, and engaging discussion of Turing’s Theory of Olfaction. The perfect pint for bellying up to the bar and getting to know your neighbor. 3.1% ABV.

Brew 6

Red Room

Saison brewed with raw wheat and Himalayan pink salt. Conditioned on cherry puree and heaps of hibiscus. Our tribute to Twin Peaks: The Return. Notes of cherry cordial, adult Kool-Aid, and dark Pacific Northwest nights. 8% ABV.

Brew 7

Pět Pils

Keller (unfiltered) Pilsner. Pět, meaning five in Czech, is an homage to the first pilsner beer brewed on October 5th, 1842, in the town of Pilsen. This will be an ongoing series, each featuring a different traditional European hop variety. This first batch features Slovenian Celeia. Refreshingly grassy and herbal with notes of Darjeeling tea. 5% ABV.

Biere de Garde brewed with English Lager and French specialty malts, and kissed with cracked black peppercorn in the kettle. Fermented with PA native Saison yeast from from our pals at Forest & Main, and then lagered for an extended period of time at cold temps to achieve a rounded malt profile with notes of cedar and dried apricot, with an ever so gentle spicy finish. 6.25% ABV.

Brew 9


Wheat saison brewed with over a pound of Cascara (coffee cherry) per barrel. Bone dry with thirst quenching notes of tannin, doughy malt, Oolong tea, and dark chilis. 5.5% ABV.

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